Unobtanium – The Original Rare Cryptocurrency

Unobtanium is an altcoin that was intended to be ‘unobtainable’. Going by the name. It was given a fair launch and distribution, and it was intended to be a long term store of value as a currency. Unobtanium was developed using the Bitcoin codebase and had an initial 0.1 UNO block reward for the first 1000 blocks until people could set up their miners.

Now it is merge-mined with Bitcoin, and as such has a secure blockchain, with a high difficulty. This coin is not profitable to mine alone if you are looking to make a profit, but can be mined for fun. More often than not, however it is merge mined with Bitcoin.

Not many Altcoins had innovative ideas nor fair launch, UNO was one with a fair launch. It did not take off at present, with a mere $1 – $1.50 USD value. There was a large amount of UNO on the failed Cryptsy, and people even used UNO to cash out when the site was sinking, as it was one of the few currencies on their servers which still worked in the final days. The UNO left is locked up and as such, is lost.

UNO can he obtained from a couple of exchanges at present, and as it is a cheap investment of $1 USD/Coin, it is not an expensive investment, but it does not seem to have gained any traction either. We write about this because it was an interesting concept, and whatever became of it it is an experimental cryptocurrency. But as one of the few altcoins with a fair launch it is worth a look at, the official site can be accessed here.

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