A company known as UFO miner, is claiming to offer Mining machines of up to 85 TH/s, where the most advanced mining company, Bitmain who has put years of research into their ASIC chips and who offer the most efficient miners to date offer a maximum of 14 TH/s.

Scams like this are very common in the Bitcoin world, the company, UFO Miner LLC does not exist anywhere. This particular website is nothing that a company that will take your money and run off into the moonlight.

The following thread at Bitcointalk discusses UFO miner in greater detail. It is safer in the mining industry to only ever stick with established manufacturers and NEVER take part in a pre-order from new manufacturers who insist on paying via an irreversible payment method. Chances are you will never see your funds again.

The UFO miner website have ripped off images of rack mounted miner designs which were used by earlier companies that did not deliver also. The site is designed to install confidence in the user, but do not be fooled.

They also ‘offer’ Scrypt mining hardware. It is recommended that you do not spend your money with this company, it has a 49% rating on scam advisor, but given the nature of this website, it should be 100%. No, it is not possible to have a single 60 TH/s home miner. The BEST chips out there only allow 14 TH/s at half the price UFO miners offer for a 60TH/s miner and the 11 – 14/TH/s Antminer S9 consumes 1200 watts at the wall.

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The 10nm manufacturing process which may come close to allowing this but probably would not has not even been released in mainstream parts by companies such as intel, who have faced delays in their 10nm chips which will not be released until half way through 2017.

Their reviews on their site were copied/pasted from another website, which is very common in amongst scam sites such as this one.

Do not buy anything from this company, it is as shady a deal as you will find in crypto land.

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