Bitcoin Price falls from all-time-high due to Chinese exchanges blocking withdrawals.

Bitcoin’s price, which surpassed the all time high of $1200 USD a coin; was holding out at $1260, has now dropped to $1190 due to Chinese exchanges blocking withdrawals. The stock markets have risen along side Bitcoin, and there is a chance that we are witnessing a pump across all financial securities not unlike the … Read more

Bitcoin price stabilizing

It seems that since the false trading volume has been halted at the chinese exchanges that Bitcoin has been hovering around the $850 – $900 mark and it hovered there for a while; however it has begun to creep up as of yesterday, to break it’s sleepy spell. This could be a sign that the … Read more

Bitcoin Price Stabilizes at $900

The Bitcoin Price has leveled out at about $900 / Coin at present. The Bitcoin price rose dramatically, almost touching the all time high of $1200+ but it then fell back sharply last week within 24 hours to around $850. The Bitcoin price appears to have stopped it’s freefall and is hovering between $850 – … Read more

BREAKING: Bitcoin sees 30% Price Crash – Price Tanking

Bitcoin price fell 20% on Thursday. It seems to have stabilized after this fall, but it was a fall not many predicted, and alts appear to have gone down with it. At the time this occurred, the Bitcoin Exchange and Wallet service Coinbase experienced performance issues due to the sheer number of users trying to … Read more