REVIEW: Ledger Nano S – Hardware Wallet For Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins

This article is a review on the ledger nano s hardware wallet. The Ledger Nano S is a hardware wallet, designed to store multiple cryptocurrencies, using secure apps. The master seed of the device is held inside a secure element and is generated on the device and is shown on the device screen for secure … Read more

Protecting your Bitcoin holdings – AddoCrypto Special

With the increase in the Bitcoin price, and hacking attempts on the internet becoming ever more sophisticated, we are writing a special, and once again bring up the subject on protecting your holdings of Bitcoin. There are many ways you can protect your holdings, some are more effective than others. This is long winded, but … Read more

Ledger Wallet Releases the Ledger Blue – Personal Security Device

Ledger, who manufactures ledger hardware wallets, have released their latest security device, the ledger blue. A bit of background: Hardware wallets differ to software wallets in one key way that is crucial, software wallets on your PC or phone load the private keys into memory when you decrypt your wallet, or store them unencrypted if … Read more