Bitcoin Price falls from all-time-high due to Chinese exchanges blocking withdrawals.

Bitcoin’s price, which surpassed the all time high of $1200 USD a coin; was holding out at $1260, has now dropped to $1190 due to Chinese exchanges blocking withdrawals. The stock markets have risen along side Bitcoin, and there is a chance that we are witnessing a pump across all financial securities not unlike the … Read more

BREAKING: Bitcoin Blockchain nearly forks – Accidental Hard Fork almost occurred.

On January 29, it has been discovered that the Bitcoin blockchain nearly forked. The Mining Pool was running Bitcoin Unlimited software, and accidentally mined a block greater than 1MB. This block, which is considered as an invalid block under the current Bitcoin consensus rules was rejected by the network. However many mining pools which … Read more

Bitcoin price stabilizing

It seems that since the false trading volume has been halted at the chinese exchanges that Bitcoin has been hovering around the $850 – $900 mark and it hovered there for a while; however it has begun to creep up as of yesterday, to break it’s sleepy spell. This could be a sign that the … Read more

BREAKING NEWS: Bitcoin transactions stuck – mempool peaks at 25MB – Slow Confirmations

Starting January 24 around the same time as the news announcement on exchange fees, the mempool reached 25MB in size, and even a 50 US cent worth of a transaction fee was not pushing transactions through quickly, with some taking up to 18 – 24 hours to confirm. This is likely the result of many … Read more