Stay Away from these scam sites

There are many sites in the bitcoin community running around to scam users by luring them and say they provide great return to your investment or doubling your money in some days.So here we provide the list of those sites so that our users should away from them and do not loose their precious collected bitcoins.

Do not your hard earned money here”” they scam your money to profit for themselves. I only invested the equivalent of $3.00 at first and was able to withdraw a minimal amount so thought it was alright. I invested another $2.00 then wrote to them about withdrawing both investments so I could combine them and invest a lump sum, I never received a response. Then 2 days later I got an email from them stating they have a new inestment where they will take 50% or 100% of your profit and add it to your deposit so you will make more in return and claimed you could also choose not to add anything to your deposit 0%. That was a lie, the only 2 options were 50% and 100% of profit added to your deposit. I tried to withdraw my funds and was met with Sorry, you have exceeded a daily limit!

Here is a c/p directly from their FAQ
 24. What are the minimum and maximum limits for withdrawal?
You can make withdrawal request when your account balance has not less than 0.0001 and instantly withdraw any amount with no maximum limit.
 31. How can I contact you in case I run into any problems?
You can contact us through 24/7 live chat, feedback form in your account and by sending us an email. We will promptly respond to any problems.
 The live chat is a joke, never online and I have sent several emails with no response.
Notice in the screen capture below the pending withdrawal section, that is the total of 2 smaller withdrawals totaled made a week ago.
 Forget about trying to withdrw your deposit they so nicely built up for you as the last pic will show.
easycoinsayj7p5l.onion site is SCAM. BE AWARE

Do not waste your money ever here

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-When ever you tryo send coins to somewhere, the site returns you a blank page under this extention:    /sendbtc.php page.

-When you refresh the blank page: You see this notification: “Send Bitcoins Bitcoin address is missing. Go back to wallet”

-you can try to transfer bitcoins to an other easycoin account with the username but system will returns blank page again.

-you can change the computer settings
Then changed the pc and tried from an other.
Then changed the amount,
Then changed the account details you used to send money.

Either of these makes a change. you cant transfer money from my account to an other.

You can do any thing but u can never get your coins back from there is SCAM… STAY AWAY…

DO NOT USE  or you will loose your bitcoins like many other people did.

Satoshidriver Satoshi oceana big scammer

Please becarefull from the website they are scammer so don’t waste your time and bitcoins for nothing.

“Bitcoin Generator” “Bitcoin Adder” and other spurious descriptions pitch this worthless scam software.

What a pretty site this is. A complete scam, but well presented

How do they 10x your Btc in a day? They don’t. They 10x their own.No need to tell stay away

Here are the some bitcoin scam sites that you should be away from and there are much more.We will review and provide list of more scam and ponzy sites.


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