: The fastest way to swap cryptocurrencies as the name suggests it is the site where we can exchange different crypto currencies or digital currencies.There are more sites likes this online but it is top ranked among all because its service

Is instant and easy to use.We don’t even have to signup to this site to exchange the currencies

Which is its most unique and most liked feature.Exchange of currencies is really easy and instant

So it doesn’t consume time In sign up or neigher a waiting time to receive or exchanges cryptocurrency.


It provides the instant exchange of all major cryptocurrencies like bitcoin,dogecoin,litecoin and also peercoin,reddcoin,monero etc. It just take a very minor fee and this fee is not the exchnge fee that

One would imaginge but this minor fee  is to broadcast the transaction to that particular coin’s network.

As when we send bitcoins to another btc address the minor fee 0.0001 is taken .

It is the most convenient platform to exchange the cryptocurrencies.The first reason is that there is no

Need to sign up to the site and also it generates the deposit address of any crypto currency that we want to exchange.

It has some other applications as well that shapeshift provie user the option to pay bitcoin bills with anyother cryptocurrency listed or available in the site. Because of which other digital currencies have

Some value as like bitcoin.

Also other sites use shapeshift platform as a medium to exchange the currency or deposit bitcoins in their

Site with any other supported cryptocurrency.Its shifty button  lets any business accept Bitcoin and other

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Digital coins that are supported by shapeshift.

The owner of the site is Robert Garett and it is under the orgainisation Owner 4587 Findlay Creek Road.

And the country is Canada.

Server Information:

IP Address: United States

Hosting Service: CloudFlare

Hosting City: San Francisco

Website Value: $20353.33

Speed: Average (1272ms)

In terms of ranking this website is deemed to be popular by Alexa with a ranking of 118359.

So shapeshift is a critical improvement in the exchange is how the digital currency

Have to work.

And also, there is also a mobile application available, offering the same identical feature as the web version so making it easier for the mobile users to exchange their cryptocurrencies in their mobile or tablets.


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  1. I remember the first time I used Shapeshift to exchange my dogecoin for bitcoin, was something easy and fast to do. Shapeshift is amazing.

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