Secondstrade – double bitcoin in seconds

In the last post we discussed about betting on sports anonymously via In this post we are going to discuss about betting on financial market anonymously via SecondsTrade provides Binary options on major Forex pairs, BTC/USD , Gold, Silver, major Index, Oil, and provably fair Odd-Even game. Binary option means that you have only two choice UP or DOWN after a specific time period.

When you first land on the website you see a big chart of BTC/USD in the center, many of other betting options exactly below the chart and recent bets on the right. Above the charts you see the payout percentage that you will get after winning in the specific time period which ranges from 125% to 220%. the payout increases with time of bet, means for 5 min in BTC/USD you get you get around 125% while for 30 min its 160%. So the more time for which your prediction is correct the more you will get. Beside the chart you can see the address for betting UP or DOWN. To bet just send the amount to the specific address. Following points must be kept in mind while betting:

  • Min Bet amount is 0.0005 BTC
  • Max Bet amount is 1 BTC
  • The bet should be given via the address that can recieve the bet won. Shared wallets are not recommended.
  • Any amount lower than minimum will be taken as gift and greater than maximum will be refunfded after 6 confirmation.

After the bet is recieved you can see it in the recent bets tab or serch for your address.

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There are many bitcoin exchanges and all have diifferent price so a normalization process is applied :

  • Current price of an exchange = (bid + ask +last price)/3
  • The given price is average of Huobi, OkCoin, Btcchina and Bitstamp.

The BTC/USD market is always open while Forex markets are open Mon – Fri and Indices trade in the time when respective market are open. The bets that arrive after the market is closed are returned. Wrapping up, SecondsTrade provides a great and secure way to bet for finance enthusiasts. The support replies within hours. The company has been constantly paying and have good connect on bitcoiner’s favorite Bitcointalk, Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. if i want to make some predictions of price on binary options, i will choose to do it on secondstrade because the result will comes to me in seconds so i’m not waiting for it so long and their really offers many choices to predicted

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