satoshimines:a fun way to gamble bitcoins

A bitcoin minesweeper game a fun way to play with your bitcoins.Land safely and beware of the landmines – this is the main goal.Just avoid the mines,land safely and earn bitcoins.A very addictive game that gives a different gambling experience.

Provably Fair

It is a provably fair game.satoshimines provides a game hash at the beginning of each round that is encrypted with SHA256. This makes it near impossible for any to crack it. Believe me, you’d need multiple NASA super computers to crack just one of these hashes and even then it would take a long time. These hashes prove to you that the round wasn’t rigged, because at the end of the game the hash shows the plain text. IE: Hash – 72bjbw2?7?7w At the end of the match in a One Mine game – 1-nunasnuasnaudndw That 1 is where the mine/s was/were place.

Deposits and withdrawals

This thing i like the most about satoshimines that deposits are credited to satoshimines account as soon as they appear on blockchain weather they are confirmed or not.

And talking about withdrawals.User can with the bitcoins after the deposit get 3 confirmations on block chain which doest take much time.And then withdrawals are processed instantly without any fees.

No sign up required

At satoshimines there is no need of signing up and giving personal info.Every user is given a unique link with which user can access their account thats it which saves a lot of time.

More good features of satoshimines

1.Satoshimines is one of those rare gambling sites that actually work smoothly on a mobile/tablet/iPad device as well as one a pc/laptop.

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2.The support team is also generally pretty fast in terms of replying to emails. I usually get a response within a few hours after my original email.

3.Satoshimines offers one but a unique and interesting game that let players mine satoshi. In addition, this bitcoin game is so easy to play as it has very simple rules.

4. There is no required minimum withdrawal, so cashing out 0.0005 BTC should be a breeze, provided that your deposits have acquired the necessary number of confirmations.

5.It has an affiliate program, where you can earn every week 10% of the profits of all the players you have referred. You will be given a unique affiliate link, which must be used when inviting others in order for them to be counted as your referral.

Good thing about Satoshi Mines is that you can play the game for free; thus, you are given the chance to see how it works and eventually master it before risking your precious bitcoins. More than that, the thrill of the game plus the amount of possible earnings you can have will sure make it hard for you to turn away.

The minimum bet as satoshimines is 0.00003btc or 3000 satoshi or 30 bits and the maximim bet is 1bitcoin or 1000000bits. So according to me it is one of the best gambling sites going around.It provides only one game but  the minesweeper game is already enough to get you through several rounds.It is exciting,fun,addictive,provably fair and provide generous rewards.

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