Satoshidice:The original Bitcoin betting game

Satoshidice is one of the best and oldest bitcoin game in the industry.It has built a very good reputation in the bitcoin betting world over the is a fun game that you can play on your idle time.This casino really is recognized as a classic within the Bitcoin community. It was created in 2012 by a well-known early adopter and investor, Erik Voorhees. It was later sold to and is still held by an unknown entity.

Its appeal comes from the simplicity, convenience and security which are a trade mark for online transactions conducted with the Bitcoins cryptocurrency.Its name is inspired by the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto and you can find it prominently attached or offered on many online gaming establishments currently supporting the online currency.

Betting on the Blockchain

The most unique feature of Satoshidice is the ability to place bets directly on the blockchain. No special client is necessary to gamble – not even a web browser. The only required software is a Bitcoin wallet. Placing a bet is as simple as sending money to any of the addresses on a list published by the casino. Each address has specified odds that range from about 0.8% to 97.7%. Each has its own win multiplier too, which is based on a 1.9% house edge.After a transaction containing a bet receives one confirmation on the blockchain, the outcome is determined and any winnings are delivered to the address from which the bet was sent.

No Registration Required

You don’t have to create an account to start playing. In this game, players can simply go to the official website and follow the few and simple instructions provided in order to join the game. This way, you don’t have to go through the tedious process of registering for a gaming account.So no email id no username or password and no waste of time.

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Website Display

The site for SatoshiDice was clearly designed with simplicity in mind – there is an absence of anything either flashy or animated. Rather, the emphasis is put on providing easily accessible information like betting rules and options, contact details, language support (up to 11 different languages are featured) and more.

The central portion is dedicated to the bets themselves, with a clean and easily discernable table which states the bet address, name, win odds, prize and so on.


SatoshiDice offers a provably fair gaming.On the blockchain, the lucky number for each bet is determined using several pieces of random data. Some pieces come from the actual Bitcoin transaction containing the wager and one piece is a secret string that is kept by the casino. These secret strings change daily. Hashed versions of them are published in advance and are revealed when they are no longer in use. This allows players to verify that their past outcomes were not manipulated.

Customer Support

SatoshiDice has a very good and a friendy support.Satoshi Dice can be easily reached through its Twitter account, @SatoshiDice. Using this medium of communication, representatives from the game’s administration can respond to your inquiries and concerns faster.

You can also connect with them at their officail email


SatoshiDice is a worth trying out.The ingenuity and simplicity of SatoshiDice makes it unique.The best feature is probably the ability to place bets on the blockchain, although even that is hindered by relatively high minimums and more cumbersome gameplay.Visit the site here

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