Satoshi Lottery – Review – Bitcoin Lottery

Satoshi Lottery is a site designed as a Lottery using Bitcoin. The site is simple enough and uses the provably fair mechanism, which any fair Bitcoin casino or gambling site will use. Only gamble on sites which use this mechanism.

The site is simple:

They allow you to stake a certain amount up to say 20 US cents on the lottery, with payouts a certain number of times the original stake, as shown below:

2 hits x1
3 hits x4
4 hits x80
5 hits x16000

Creating an account is simple, and then you are presented with the selector to select what numbers you wish to play:

So you select 5 numbers and depending on how many numbers you hit you either get nothing, your original stake back, 4 times your stake,  80 times your stake, and 16000 times your stake. They have a signed message proving they owned the jackpot held in the jackpot address, this message has been verified by us as genuine in the Electrum client.

We have tested our deposit and bought our ticket ourselves using the slider, the ticket cost 19 US cents. This is a lottery which is decided when you play rather than a drawing. The site is simple to use, the chances of winning the jackpot are akin to any other lottery, but it is still worth the gamble at 20 US cents versus the high price of a traditional lottery ticket or a scratch off!

This site overall is easy to use, responsive and well designed. The currency displayed can be changed from the US Dollar if preferred. This was worthy to add to our list of sites. I won a small prize during one of my tests and it was paid out, so it seems the site is genuine.

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