Safedice : The most competitive dice site

SafeDice is one of the latest Bitcoin dice sites to hit the web.SafeDice is a beautiful new dice casino with an extremely slim edge.Focusing on giving players a better edge than any other Bitcoin dice site at 0.5% with nearly all the goodies found on the competition, the designers have successfully created a leading platform for all your dice needs. A slick and simple interface with a provably fair system increases the pleasure of using the site and gives it a more polished feel. Using the variable house edge which is solely found on Safe Dice and their own in-house creation players can bet higher than other Bitcoin dice sites while the site still retains a competitive edge.

Variable House Edge

Let’s start with the variable house edge. Yes, the house edge is not fixed: it varies depending on how much you bet, and what the win could be. For new players, this is a very confusing concept. The default house edge is a slim 0.5%. Only when a player wants to make a bet with a potential win above 0.25% of the bankroll, a higher house edge will be triggered. That means with a 100 BTC bankroll, any bet with a profit of over 0.25 BTC will have a house edge greater than the default 0.5%.

The purpose of the variable house edge is to let players bet higher than other Bitcoin dice sites but with a catch. When activating this feature the house edge increases to 1% which is the standard house edge found on virtually every other dice site. So while SafeDice will let you bet more than any other dice site you lose the standard house edge of 0.5% and have it increase to 1% to increase the odds of the platform staying in business.

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Registration consists of typing in a username; no email or information required. You may add a password and even a secret link to ensure that only you are able to access your account. There is also an emergency address that you can send your balance to in the case of an emergency but no personal information such as email are taken making SafeDice a highly anonymous site to play on.


Deposits are credited to your account almost instantly.You only need 1 confirmation before you can begin using your funds.And withdrawals are processed instantly.


The appearance is nothing like any other dice website. Words cannot easily describe the beauty and creativity of SafeDice. I’ve reviewed the appearance of stunning casinos such as FastSlots, but nothing I’ve reviewed has quite wowed my eyes this much. Everything is perfect: the layout, the typeface, the colours, and the superb simple animations. From the login page and on, the site is smooth and loads very quickly. Nothing is ever hard to find, as everything is only a link away from the home page.


The provably fair platform SafeDice has engineered is rounded and polished to give the Bitcoin dice community exactly what they need. A lower house edge and stronger investment opportunities than other dice sites is successfully attracting both players and investors alike.While it may not have some of the features like faucets and achievements that other sites have the house edge alone makes this site worth checking out at the very least.

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