Pocket Dice – the first realistic bitcoin dice game

Pocketdice.io is the first realistic bitcoin dice game offering a fresh betting experience that sets itself apart from the common Bitcoin dice websites. Designed to work smoothly in web and mobile browsers, this new gambling platform is poised to become the next big hit in the dice betting scene.

Pocketdice is designed primarily with mobile users in mind. Why realistic? Because the player is able to shake a dice cup thoroughly before rolling a lifelike pair of dice, ensuring a random roll.

The site is also run entirely using Bitcoin, and even allows players to receive a very small amount of money to play with on a regular basis just by opening an account.

Free Faucet included

Pocketdice casino gives away 1000 Satoshi every 60 minutes for you to enjoy the game! The rules are simple: a claim can be made every 60 minutes once per account, once per IP, whenever your balance gets lower than minimum bet amount. Bonus will expire if unused for 1 week.


Since Pocket Dice operates directly on the Bitcoin network, anonymity is assured. To register for an account, you only have to provide your username, email, and password. Another way to sign up is to link your Facebook account and use it to access the game. Two-step verification is also available here for added security.


When it comes to Bitcoin payments, you can expect hassle-free transactions, whether in depositing or in withdrawing funds. In fact, the website’s wallet address is already posted in the Deposit section, and it even provides an option to send the address to your registered email.

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Meanwhile, cashing out requires one confirmation of the deposits, as well as a transaction fee of 0.1 mBTC. Withdrawals that are at least 0.5 mBTC are the only ones allowed for processing, so ensure that your cashout meets the requirements before requesting for a withdrawal.


Pocketdice offers exactly one dice game for players. In the game, you roll two standard six-sided dice. But before you roll, you must first set a total of anywhere from two to twelve, and bet on the total being either under or over that number (ties count as losses). The odds are presented in decimal format, with payouts ranging from 1.01 (meaning you earn one unit for every 100 you bet) for an almost sure thing such as “Over 2,” up to 35.3 for betting on the longest of long shots, such as “Over 11.”

In fact, the whole betting process is absolutely fun and entertaining that even bettors who do not fancy betting on dice will be interested in placing a bet just to feel the experience. It is also absolutely simple, easy, and enjoyable that even beginners will have no difficulties playing this Bitcoin dice game.

Moreover, this dice game is guaranteed to be free from any cheats and manipulations since it takes advantage of the provably fair system. As a result, players can be confident that each dice roll is accurate and reliable, and that they can verify each game process themselves.


They also have an excellent support system.Should you need any help with Pocket Dice, you can reach them at support@pocketdice.io ,their official support email.They typically replies within few hours sometimes much quicker.

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Pocketdice is never going to replace other gaming sites for players who enjoy betting on sports or playing poker. But there’s really no downside to signing up, and the site is certainly fun to play around on, making it a great option for casual players or anyone who wants the occasional light game to play as a diversion.


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