OneHasher – Review

Onehasher is a ‘cloud mining’ website which supports CryptoCurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum. The site however uses a domain that has privacy on whois, no legitimate business will usually make their WHOIS registration private and in many cases it is against the terms of service of many domain registrars.

The images you are greeted with on the site look stock and the site does not have an overall professional look and nor does it provide any proof of mining, like the ability to set your own mining pools with the ‘hardware’.

Onehasher is more like a ponzi scheme and when new investors stop coming it will likely collapse. Running a large farm of cloud mining machines would take insane administration and effort, and without enabling people to audit or see proof there is any such mining this is a problem. Hashnest is one of the few legit cloud mining sites owned by Bitmain, but do your math carefully as service charges can be a problem.

Be careful of any such site that claims to cloud mine, and especially with private WHOIS registration data, shown below:

Be wary, and do not invest what you cannot afford to lose, and if you do you are only keeping the ponzi alive, do not feed the fire and avoid like the plague!



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