Monero Mining pool | Beta launch |

We AddoCrypto happy to announce our first Monero Mining Pool

Monero Mining Pool

We started Monero Mining Pool to beta today. Monero mining pool that aim to the most effective pool for mining Monero. Pool is set to 0.7% fee + 0.3% for core devs and just to cover up the server cost and tx fee

Why mine in our pool — As we are new and the share you get more then other bigger mining pool . So earn more in our pool when mining as compare to other bigger pool

— Website:
— Fee: 0.7% fee + 0.3% for core devs ( Just to cover up ¬†the server costs and tx fee )
— Min Withdrawal: 0.50 ( Due to high tx fee )
— Primary Server: New York
— Relay nodes to reduce orphan risk

Configure your miner.

you can find all detail here :-

**** No need to register just hit your cpu and start earning
How to Contact Us

Here on this post comment box
On the pool’s website: Contact Us

Happy Mining

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