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During a sports match both teams have the potential to win, but when you know a team is going to win you can bet on it. But what happens when other team has performed well and is going to win, you will certainly loose. Here comes the concept of Live Betting, betting during a live match. In the world of bitcoins, is a great website that offers live betting. provides anonymous live betting for sports ranging from Ice Hockey to Darts, Soccer to Cricket. It also provides betting options on Politics, porovably fair blockchain based Direct Dice, Coin Flip and BlackJack, Texas Hold’em, Slots and a lot more via Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin and the famous Ether.

The betting process is very simple, no account is needed just choose the event then on which team you want to bet. After that you have to choose the coin in which you will bet and enter your address to receive the winnings, then send the amount wich you want to bet to the generated address.The bets are settled instantly after the event ends. The funds are not held on the website, it get transferd from your wallet to their wallet, which is very fast and can be done in the time the ball gets to next player and your funds will never get lost due to hacking and theft.There is also a VIP reward system through which you can win upto 10 BTC per month. It aslo provides referrals with 1% commisson forever and Free Bets.

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  • Flexible Odds : Confirm the bet at best odds available at time the bet is received. the odds may be higher or lower than quoted.
  • Negotiate Odds : Confirm the bet when odds are greater than or equal to a specified value. You can change the minimum value while the bet is unconfirmed.
  • Firm Odds : Confirm if the odds have increased from quoted value while the bet is transferd, otherwise reject the bet.

The most amazing feature of the website is Toto Parlay.In this you have to choose any no. of bets between 2 and 13, if you win all the bets your odds will become multiple times the original, but if you loose a single bet you loose all bets. it functions as a double edge sword. Coming to the website, it has very simple interface with menu bar on the top, sports list on the left and popular bets on the right. You can share the winning bets stats via Twitter. is available on Twitter via @DirectBetEU, on BitcoinTalk and on Facebook page. Any complaints, queries and suggestions can be done via social network and their email.

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  1. To celebrate the launch of Ether betting DirectBet are now awarding double loyalty points and double VIP Rewards on all Ether bets throughout this month May 2016 .

  2. i like sports and betting for it
    so everytime i want to placing a live betting, i will visit

  3. I like that it’s live. I also like that you guys post all the winnings/earnings to twitter. It makes it more transparent.

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