Keepkey Twitter Account Hacked – Wallets Safe

Keepkey, a respected manufacturer of hardware wallets announced on reddit that their main twitter handle account was compromised. This is to warn users who may be tricked by the hackers who may try and convince them to hand over key details which they would never ask for (i.e wallet seeds) or trick them into entering them somewhere which should never be done.

The wallets themselves are secure as transaction signing occurs within them and is separate to their own servers or their twitter account. It would make sense for hackers to try and go for a provider like this, due to the threat hardware wallets present hackers who go to lengths to steal coins.

These sorts of hacks have become endemic in the online world and cryptocurrency is a key area for hackers to target due to the potential financial gain for such hackers. These sorts of hacks are also why online wallets should never be used for more than change and why they are a gold mine for hackers. Keepkey hardware wallets are still secure and this should not worry users of these wallets.

An official reddit statement from Darin of keepkey has alerted people to the hack. We will update as more information becomes available. Keep safe!


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