Julian Assange – WikiLeaks Founder Proves he is alive by reading data from a Bitcoin Block Hash

Julian Assange, the wikileaks founder has had rumors circulating about him for some time, regarding his life. After the embassy cut off the internet it was unknown if he was alive, or dead. To counter these rumours, undoubtedly fuelled by the mainstream media, he read out the block hash of Bitcoin Block 447506, which was mined on January 10, 2017. As the Bitcoin Blockchain is an immutable timestamped record, there is no way he could not have been alive as of January 10.

This comes as Julian Assange expresses his support for the digital currency, which wikileaks used as far back as 2012 when PayPal and other networks, undoubtedly under government pressures censored payments to WikiLeaks. This censorship is another reason why a trustless digital currency such as Bitcoin is needed in the world.

Julian Assange fled to the Ecuadorian embassy when the UK court system decided to extradite him to Sweden on rape charges. Note that some of the rape charges are ‘sex without a condom’ and the said ‘charges’ only came out after WikiLeaks exposed much on the U.S Government and uncovered other damning evidence on worldwide corruption. It also took them a long time to question him inside the Embassy, and the UK has already ignored a UN panel ruling saying he has been unlawfully detained, as he risks arrest if he leaves the embassy, which UK authorities cannot enter without permission of the ambassador.

This is undeniable proof that he is living as of January 10, 2017, and should quell the rumors pushed by the mainstream media.

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