Indian freelancers using bitcoin to increase their real wages

In the past few months we have seen the bitcoin activity has been increased really alot in India as many thing happening in India economy resulting in increasing activity and usage of bitcoin which is almost doubled as compared to few months before as a result we have also seen bitcoin price booming in indian bitcoin exchanges like btcxindia and localbitcoins indian section as well.

Unocoin and Bitwage Partenership

Also we have seen new partenership between bitcoin exchange Unocoin,and payroll service bitwage,which may also result in this growth to go on and on.And this new partenership is allowing indian freelancers and employees of india to recieve a better rate on payments which they get from other countries around the globe.

And with this we are seeing indian freelancers already taking advantage from these better rates and they wish to recieve payments in bitcoin now rather than in paypal.As the prices of bitcoin are much higher in India they are recieving more value and more salary as compared to that with paypal.

And bitwage has allowed it to indian users and allowing the process of getting paid with bitcoins which is much simpler for remote workers in India.

Arbitrage chances of bitcoin in India

As said above the bitcoin rates in India are much higher in India right now as compared to other countries like Unites States or China.Digital goods in India are being traded 20% premium compared to those in other countries as well.

The reason behind this price increase in India is being considered the monetisation of the money.People and big companies are unable to send big wire transfers arcross other countries in every 2-3 days so we see increase in demand of buying bitcoin but less availability and hence we see the price incease of bitcoin in India.Also International Payments Bring Bitcoin Liquidity to India

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But this situation is really helping indian freelancers to earn some more from their wages and we see how long this situation go on .

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