Indian Bitcoin Exchange CoinSecure comes under DDoS Attack

It looks like there has been another DDoS attack on an Indian Bitcoin Exchange, CoinSecure. DDoS attacks in the Bitcoin world seem incredibly common at present, often done against mining pools the attacker disagrees with. This causes problems of people having limited access to funds. The attack affected the site, API and the android application.

In light of attacks like this, it is vital that you only store funds on an exchange that you instantly wish to exchange, and keep all other funds stored securely on a hardware or other wallet. This also keeps them safe from hacker attacks on your end. The Bitcoin network is resistant to standard DDoS attacks, so this is recommended.

In the early hours of the morning (UTC +7), access was restored. It seems that some attackers think Bitcoin exchanges are profitable targets, but this is not always the case. Often they are done with blackmail to pay a ransom, this sort of attack has also taken place against, who refused to pay and just installed DDoS protection services to their pool.

It is best not to pay in these circumstances, because it encourages the attackers to continue and after you pay there is no guarantee they will stop.

It seems like they have restored service and users should be able to access their accounts like normal. They noted that attackers seem to stop attacks quickly when their messages are ignored.

If anyone has issues accessing their accounts, they should contact customer support.


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