Get real casino experience at Bitcasino roulette live casino

Bitcasino is surely famous for all it games and wide range of variety it provides.But Be sure to check out Live Dealer casino games as well. There aren’t really many bitcoin casinos offering Live Dealer games such as Live Blackjack, Live Baccarat and Live Roulette.

I recently given it a try to play live Roulette and bitcasino. That was just awesome and you cant get better experience of playing a live roulette sitting in the comfort of your home and getting a live casino experience in front of a charming lady at the same time.

And the display quality and the sound all was just awesome.To show you look at the screen shot below to show you how a live casino looks like.

Screenshot (14)

Look at that man,the whole fun of real casino.Just took me some moments to have settle in and now main thing select your bets.First select the amount.Do same everything you would done in an roulette casino.Then you can choose in different things to bet on.Starting from colour black or red and number even or odd.Choose number between 1-18 or 18-36.Or select a particular number if you are feeling lucky.You have 30 seconds to select your bet and then confirm you bet.

Screenshot (15)

This image will help you to do so.Look its pretty easy to do that board in front of you choose your bets and when 30 seconds its cross your finger and watch the lady do the rolling.Then comes the outcome.The pretty dealer will tell you the result which number comes with the colour.

Before it starts you can also choose the location from where you want the dealer.From Asia UK or US. Whatever you like. Hard to choose between asian and UK.You choose best for you.

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It was all fun here. Surely every one should have this awesome experience of playing an Live roulette at bitcasino.

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