Get interests on your bitcoin

How could we make our bitcoins generate a steady stream of income for us like depositing money in the banks?  Yes,  we can.  There are some bitcoin banks arising now and we could receive bitcoin interest from bitcoin deposit. You send bitcoin to their provided bitcoin address in their websites.  Then you will get interest topped up in your balance.

Several of companies are offering such services,  like ChBTC‘s bitbank (upgraded from JUA),  Huobi’s BitVC (Yubibao), HaoBTC etc.  We all know that ChBTC,  Huobi are the top bitcion exchanges in the world , all come from China.  Haobtc is from Chinese mining industry. You could check the offered interest rates in the following table.

Company Daily Interest Yearly Interest Fixed Interest Fixed Interest Fixed Interest
Bitbank (JUA) 0.02% fixed 7.2% 3 months 9% 6 months 10% 1 years 12%
BitVC 0.0028%-0.0176% Uncertain Uncertain Uncertain Uncertain
HaoBTC 0.016% 6% 1st month 12% 2rd month 13% Until 12th month 15.58%

Crowdfunding Project

Bitbank (Jua),  Bitvc and Haobtc also have bitcoin crowdfunding projects, fixed investment, or finance (different name but same meaning) with higher interest rates. But they are only available occasionally, and are usually sold out quickly.

For bitbank,  you could check availability of btc crowdfunding projects here.  It normally offers more than 18.25% interest rate annually.

For Bitvc, you could check availability of Fixed investment here,  which offers around 8%-12% annual return.

For Haobtc, the finance is always available if your minimum balance is over 10 BTC for you to qualify the fixed investment as mentioned above table.

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Are they trustworthy?


Most of leading Chinese bitcoin startups are diversifying their business models, try to reach every area of the bitcoin ecosystem. This will retain their own loyal customers for long term, who will tend to use these services over others due to the built trust and provided convenience. They claims they are using cold address and applying the highest level security. Their main business, like exchange or mining, are funding those interests payment. If they are running smoothly without any issues as always, the users will keep getting the stable stream of income from their bitcoin deposits.

Bitbank Group bases in Shenzhen China and is one of the largest financial technology company in the world that encompasses every aspect of the Bitcoin ecosystem. It designs and manufactures various hardware and software in its family of 9 companies, which (One Of The Top 5 Exchanges), (Cloud Mining) and (P2P lending based on BTC mortgage) etc. ChBTC was found at September of 2013 and bases in Beijing.

Bitvc is a part of Huobi, which also includes, etc. Huobi is built on December of 2013, one of the top 5 bitcoin exchanges in the world, offering leveraged trading as well. It is daily volume reaching 1.4 million BTC recently.

Haobtc is just launched in 2014 and bases on Beijing. It has a great team. You could check their products and teams’ infomation at It claims the interest payment is hourly. The other two comopanies are paying out intereste daily. Haobtc has built a great user friendly website, which is simple and easy to use, like coinbase’s webpage. Users could save, invest, exchange bitcoin on the same place easily.

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Haobtc offers enterprise level vault, which is its key feature comparing with the other two. Users have to set the value of {m} and {n} when creating the vault. This vault is based on muti signature, create {m} private keys. It is requiring {n} members’ permission to move the asset.

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