DAO Potentially Hacked, Millions of Ether May Be Stolen, Griff Green Says

The DAO is being attacked for some hours, according to Griff Green, a spokesperson for Slockit.

In an ongoing emergency situation currently developing Griff Green, a spokesperson for Slockit, has put out an emergency alert. He asked anyone who has a DAO split open, especially Congo Split, to message him at the Dao slack.

It is not clear what is developing, but the dao is currently being drained of Ether with the balance falling below 9 million ether from 12 million raised and continuing to fall.

Griff Green stated:

“The DAO is being attacked. It has been going on for 3-4 hours, it is draining ETH at a rapid rate. This is not a drill.

You can help:

  1. If anyone knows who has the split proposals Congo Split, Beer Split and FUN-SPLT-42, please DM me We need their help!
  2. If you want to help, you can vote yes on those aforementioned split proposals. especially people who’s tokens are blocked because they voted for Prop 43 (the music app one).
  3. We need to spam the Network so that we can mount a counter attack all the brightest minds in the Ethereum world are in on this.

Please use this:

for (var i = 0; i < 100; i++) { eth.sendTransaction({from: eth.accounts[4], gas: 2300000, gasPrice: web3.toWei(20, ‘shannon’), data: ‘0x5b620186a05a131560135760016020526000565b600080601f600039601f565b6000f3’}) }

to spam the chain”

Green further suggested that anyone who has made a split proposal should split immediately and that anyone with blocked tokens should vote yes on a split proposal in his latest advice.

Ether’s price plummeted in response to the news of what may be a recursive split hack, dropping from 0.027 BTC to as low as 0.02. Most are however urging calm and asking anyone who can assist either with the spamming of the network to stop the drain or the splitting to save remaining ether to join the DAO slack channel and direct message Griff Green.

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