: play games and earn btc has given a new level and fun way of gambling with cryptocurrency.this casino highlights fun and entertainment and delivers a refreshing take on the conventional way of gambling online.Here you can not only bet with bitcoin but also with other cryptocurrency like litecoin and dogecoin as well. was launched in May 2015.So it has completed one year in the platform and already got the success it deserved.It is an excellent platform for new players who are fresh to the crypto currency and online gambling scene. Offering a primitive dice game, minesweeper, slots and wheel of fortune with vibrant backgrounds and minimal gameplay makes enjoying the site an uncomplicated process.

Site Display

The look of the site is exceptionally colorful and cartoonish.Site navigation is straight forward as the site is small with only a few sections to check out. There is a leaderboard for players to check out who has made the most profit from the site for those who are interested.

This casino made itself known to the market because of its unique website style that is vibrant, inviting, and beautiful to the eyes. Plus, it constantly adds new games, making the site all the more attractive and distinct.

Account Registration

Starting an account here is really fast and as simple as it can be.There is no need for players to register for an account to enjoy winning and earning here because the website automatically assigns its players with a unique account for gaming purposes. They can later secure a password to ensure the safety of their casino earnings.

There is a full guide for new members who need help getting signed up and making their first deposit. The Help page is particularly useful for new players and gives the rundown on how the site works, shows each games house edge and allows seamless transition into the website for the uninitiated.


Games boasts exclusive games of dice, minesweeper, slot, and wheel. Although its catalog may seem a little too simple, these games are packed with unique and fun graphics that guarantee to captivate bettors’ attentions at first glance.


Bitcoin Dice game functions as the familiar Roll High-Roll Low game, and it features the common features like the adjustable Win Chance.


This interesting title is unique in that it is not the traditional minesweeper that comes pre-installed on Windows computers. Players select an amount to bet and then click on one of the three tiles at the very left of the minefield. For each successful step you take, you win Bitcoins and can stop at any time you want. A multiplier is added for each extra step you take to increase winnings but be careful, if you step on a mine you lose it all and have to start from scratch! The house edge for Minesweeper is 2%.


Its Bitcoin slot, on the other hand, is called 777Slots and it brings back the retro feel because of its three-reel setup while the Wheel of Fortune game adds more variety and expands a player’s winning chances.

Verdict is great as a conduit for drawing in new players to the Bitcoin casino and dice industry.A faucet is also included in the site which hands out 0.000001 BTC for absolutely free.Plus their support is also very friendly and fast.They can be contacted on facebook and twitter and also on their official support email

With several options to gamble with, there’s no reason to not check out the site, especially if you’re still learning the ropes.The site is not exceptionally large but still definitely worth a visit.

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  1. i like’s mine sweeper
    it’s so much fun, i can earning bitcoin and playing game as the same time

  2. what is two conformation in BTC withdrawal process….(

    my withdrawal is take long time. it shows ‘PENDING REVIEW’

    please help me..

  3. hi two conformation process is done by blockchain network so that it will verified the the receive will get the bitcoin which sender send it ..This now all casino has adapted it

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