Coinroll : Next generation bitcoin casino

Dubbed as the “next generation bitcoin casino,” Coinroll is a bitcoin dice gambling site that provides a truly “instant play” experience. If other online casinos use “instant play” to mean playing without having to download or set up anything, Coinroll allows you to play instantly, right at the very moment you visit the Coinroll website. This is because this bitcoin gambling site does not require you to register for an account. Just make a deposit and you can immediately proceed to playing.

Coinroll was introduced in April 2013 and is regarded as one of the first off-the-chain bitcoin gambling sites. Despite being relatively new in the online gambling business, it offers features that are bound to attract new players. For one, it has a high payout percentage or low house edge. Its minimum deposit requirement is basically just 1 satoshi. It also accepts players from the United States and other parts of the world.The advanced bettors will appreciate the Coinroll API, the customizable game and the low contrast graphic designed to not strain your eyes when playing extensive sessions.


Coinroll does not require players to sign up for an account. Everyone automatically gets an account by simply visiting the site. You just have to click on the Play link on the top part of the site. You will then be brought to a page which is essentially your account dashboard and game interface. This account, however, is only going to be fully activated or made fully yours once you make a deposit. Without a deposit, the user ID and password you find when you click on the Details button will not be made active.

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Unlike other websites that provide a unique URL or personal address for login, what Coinroll provides is a set of automatically generated login details. Click on the gray Details button to the right and you will see your user ID and password. This is what what we mean by not requiring an account registration but needing a username and password for logging in.

Coinroll has a login page just like most other bitcoin gambling sites. The difference, though, is that you are automatically granted a set of user ID and password so you can proceed to logging in. Again, take note that this account will only become fully created (the user ID and password activated) once you make your first deposit. If you have not made any deposit yet, you will not be able to use your user ID and password to log in to your account so don’t bother saving them yet.

Payment System

Depositing Bitcoins at Coinroll doesn’t require any sort of personal details nor account creation. Go to Coinroll website homepage, click PLAY tab and DEPOSIT button: it opens up a popup with your personal deposit address inside. Just send a payment from your bitcoin wallet, and your balance will automatically update when funds are received.

Deposits are instant since Coinroll accept unconfirmed deposits.

Withdrawals are almost instants as it required only 1 confirmation up to 5 BTC. Minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0000543 BTC.

The coinroll game

Coinroll has 8 predefined games that come with varying win odds, multipliers, and maximum bet limits. The pre-defined games are shown in the screenshot below. It’s similar to how other bitcoin dice games work. You just have to choose a game, input your bet amount, and click on the Roll button. The highest possible prize you can win is your bet amount (maximum of 0.000012) multiplied by  64,880.

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You have the option to create a custom game, wherein you can enter a number between 1 to 64,000 as your prediction (that coin roll result will be less than the number you set). The win odds, multiplier, and maximum bet amounts will then automatically be adjusted. However, the maximum prize that can be won will not change. The custom game only allows you to make a bet lower than 60,000, which results in a lower multiplier and a slightly higher maximum bet. The lowest bet amount you can enter is 0.00001 BTC.

The custom game you create, by the way, can be added to the list of pre-defined games on the game interface. Just go to the lower right corner of the game page and add the custom game you created. This makes it convenient to repeatedly play your custom game without having to enter your custom number over and over again.

Verdict is a safe and fun place to bet bitcoins. With no gambling expertise whatsoever, you can jump right into the action and roll the dice without any delay, giving you the chance to win big with bitcoin!


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