A company known as UFO miner, is claiming to offer Mining machines of up to 85 TH/s, where the most advanced mining company, Bitmain who has put years of research into their ASIC chips and who offer the most efficient miners to date offer a maximum of 14 TH/s. Scams like this are very common … Read more

Bitcoin’s price rally topped any other currency in 2016

Bitcoin’s price rally in the year 2016 has topped all other currencies in the world. The coin had a 79% gain in 2016, four times that of the Russian rouble. This was partially due to the halving, which halved the supply of new coins being mined every day, along with capital controls and greater market adoption … Read more

Problems with Innosilicon A4 Dominator Miners

Pre-Order users of batch 1 and 2 of the A4 Dominator miners, the latest Scrypt miners have been experiencing problems with their machines. According to many forum users, the problems range from coin switching problems in multipools to bad firmware. Rather than repairing the new miners, they have shipped out a single expensive jig to one person to … Read more

Blockchain Start Up ‘Wyre’ recieves 5.8 million funding

Wyre, a business aimed at utilizing the blockchain and cryptocurrency for international payments was received 5.8 million as a start up. The goal of Wyre is to enable businesses to take advantage of the ease of digital currency for cross-border payments, without actually handling any of this currency themselves. Wyre uses both the Bitcoin Blockchain … Read more