Bitfury receives offers for Bitcoin holdings

As Bitcoin price surged past 900 USD, many investors and other potential buyers have been approaching Bitfury with offers for some of their Bitcoin holdings. The investors were looking to purchase between 30,000 to 50,000 Bitcoins from Bitfury.

The Bitfury Chairman, politely declined their offer, also making investors aware that they do not intend to change their stance on this in the future. This is not an unsurprising move from a company such as Bitfury, who consider Bitcoin to be the next global currency.

There have been numerous attempts by investors to secure direct deals with large miners, but most large miners are insisting that they go the traditional route through cryptocurrency exchanges. These often have trading limits between 100,000 to 200,000 USD or sometimes even smaller, but the decision by miners helps ensure that Bitcoins are distributed evenly and not snapped up by a few large investors.


Bitfury announced on social media that they had received the offers. Large miners and Bitcoin companies declining sales of Bitcoin are limiting large investors and larger corporations on obtaining large amounts of Bitcoin. This is good where fair distribution of the currency is concerned.

The largest Bitcoin exchange in South Korea, Kobit, has some of the most crucial partnerships from Korean companies, including their telecommunications giants and SoftBank. They have a trading limit of $174000 USD. It seems that distribution of Bitcoins are to remain reasonably fair as it helps spread them into the hands of both small and large investors, and the entry price of a Bitcoin is still attractive to small investors.

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As many large miners and Bitfury have declined, and it is likely Bitmain and other large companies would also decline such offers, they need to go through the same channels of most users to buy Bitcoin.

We will update on this as more information becomes available.

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