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Bitfortip is a website that allows you to pay bitcoin to get help from the userbase, and you can pay the person that gave you the best solution. You can get paid by giving people a solution to their problem likewise. They have taken it one step further and have expanded the service to an android application. After we have done the Bitfortip website review  we are now doing App review for Bitfortip.

Bitfortip now available as an Android app


The sign up process cannot be any easier: On the right of the home page, click on sign up and fill in the form. You only have to provide very basic informatio

The application is very easy to use, you can register with a username and password or sign in with your facebook account, if you are already signed in on your phone to facebook this makes the registration 1 click! When you are on the app the questions are shown in a list, like below:


You can post your own questions (You must deposit BTC first) and it is held in escrow, until you pick the person you wish to pay for the solution. They then can withdraw what they are paid or store it in the bitfortip wallet. This is a very simple mechanism and it is very easy to post your own questions and respond to others.

They always paid out on time and it is very simple to use, and this is a great way of getting help for the problems you are having, such as looking for a rare item, etc and maybe even help with projects, etc. They have been running since 2015, so the site is still a little young but is maturing. They do not support any other cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin at present, so be aware of this fact.

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If you need a tip, or wish to help out to earn some BTC, why not post on Bitfortip? It is free to register and help people and it is easy to get help with as well. Often posts get many replies. The android app was smooth with no crashes during our testing.

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