Bitcoin Price Increase after crash

It seems like the Bitcoin price over the past few days has been increasing by small increments daily. This appears to be a slow, controlled rise after the massive pump and then price crash. It seems that Bitcoin is gradually gaining support around this price region and it is likely that the price will continue to gradually rise throughout 2017, it is likely to stabilize as time goes on. Bitcoin by it’s very nature being a deflationary currency though will slowly increase in value, so holding Bitcoin is likely to earn more interest than money in a bank would.

Keeping a portion of your savings in Bitcoin if you can afford to do such a risk is an ideal strategy for watching your savings grow, as history has shown it is more profitable to buy coins and hold them rather than mine unless your power is very cheap or free.

It seems like Bitcoin is slowly edging further upwards, and this trend looks like it is likely to continue over the next few months. It is unlikely that we will see another rapid bubble, but it is likely that over time a slow increase will stabilize as such. Slow increases are always more promising than a massive rapid pump which is sure to dump.

Why not buy coins and hold them? This could be a good time to put a small amount a week away in Bitcoin to build up some savings!

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