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BetBTC is an online sportsbook which is specialised to accept Bitcoins. They offer trade betting via a betting exchange, like Betfair, and also offer live sports betting. This relatively new sports betting site is great if you fancy a spot of anonymous betting, and they have recently branched out to offer a small selection of non-sports games, such as dice. BetBTC’s goal is to become the number one Bitcoin sports betting website on the net.


BetBTC has a nice, clear layout and options.

The bet history, profit and loss and account statements are fantastic. They are copied from Betfair and give more fine-grain detail and filtering options than any other bitcoin sportsbook.

There are a few imperfections, the list of soccer leagues is not ordered alphabetically or by popularity which makes it harder to find the league you are looking for.


A series of rules govern each of the different types of sports bets you can make at BetBTC. You can find these rules in the bottom left hand corner of the lobby, and it is worth reading them before making any sports bet. It is pretty standard stuff, but it is best to know exactly how sports bets with Bitcoins work before placing any. The kinds of sports you can bet on at BetBTC include football, horse racing, cricket, tennis, American football, basketball, boxing, motor sports, ice hockey and baseball, with numerous genres and events for you to bet on in each at category. It is also worth noting that when a season for a particular sport ends, they will not appear on the site. However, just because you do not see a sport at BetBTC does not mean that they do not carry it. It could just be the off-season for that sport.

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Dice games

New to BetBTC is a casino dice game. Players can adjust their chance of success in the game, meaning that the less chance of success you have, the bigger the prize pay-out will be. Stakes can range from 0.000001 BTC, up to 1 BTC on this game, with pay-outs ranging from 1.01x your total bet for a 98% chance of success, up to 9900x your total bet with a 0.01% chance of success. This dice game allows the player total control over how they bet, and how they wish to play. There isn’t really any other sort of casino game quite like it.


All payments have to be done in bitcoins only.Players can deposit using full units of BTC, or they can use dBTC to top up their accounts. BTC means 1 full Bitcoin, whilst a dBTC counts as a tenth of a Bitcoin.

Deposits are credited after getting one confirmation on the blockchain and withdrawals also are processed instantly.The cheapest stakes you can wager cost 0.001 BTC.


They have a really good and active support system.There are other Bitcoin sportsbooks out there, but BetBTC has tried to do things differently. By cutting the number of promotions, and offering more in-depth betting, they are a slightly more professional Bitcoin sportsbook than their rivals. For serious sports betting fans, this could very well be the ticket that they are after.


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