Review – ‘Sports Betting At Its Best’ is a sports betting website, which accepts Bitcoin. It allows you to bet on sports matches, such as soccer, baseball, basketball, etc. It also has slot games and live casino games such as auto-roulette. They have a good user interface and they offer a welcome bonus of 100% for any deposit above 10 EUR to 50 EUR. You must enter the bonus code while registering, failure to do this makes it impossible to get the bonus! Check their terms and conditions for other requirements for this bonus, as you need to stake it at certain odds at least 5 times.

The site is simple to use and is fast and allows easy, smooth gambling. The payouts are quick when you win and the site functions without many problems. It allows you to deposit with a credit/debit card, and Bitcoin.

This site only allows one account per IP address and Credit/Debit card. The site does not seem to use the ‘provably fair’ mechanism on it’s games, however betting on sports renders this moot as it is easy to check the result. Where their casino games are¬†concerned, you must trust them in this regard.

There has been nothing to say they have manipulated results however, and they have usually thus far paid out on time. They allow betting from all over the world and you will rarely find an interface as simple as this one.

This site is not particularly dedicated to Bitcoin only, as it allows payment via other methods, but it target’s its services towards both fait currency users and Bitcoin users. They do not support any other cryptocurrencies at present.

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Price related bets are settled by the highest value assigned to bitcoin out of all major exchanges, so this is a fair outcome. Industry related bets are only settled when mainstream media news of them is confirmed.

As with all gambling sites they should be used responsibly, if you feel you have a problem with gambling or gambling too much, it is best to seek advice.

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