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Some persons prefer luck over other thing in the world of bettting. That’s why PrimeDice came into existence in May 2013. You just have to choose a number, above or below, then pace bet.The house edge is just 1%. It was one of the first bitcoin gambling website that was accepted by users. From then it had evolved continously to meet users demand. Now it has 100k active accounts, 5 billion bets and about a million of BTC wagered and placed itself as best Gambling website in the world of bitcoin.

PrimeDice has following features :


  • Simple Interface
    The interface is very simple with 17 themes to choose from. The website is desinged to work soomthly on mobile browser too.



  • Active and friendly chat
    The chatbox on the website features instant chat with other users and staff too get instant help. There is also a feature to send pm to another member.



  • Player Vs Player (PvP)
    Are you bored playing the dice with a headless computer, try the PvP to play against real player. To paly PvP you have to right click on nick in the chatbox then click PvP chatroom. Hose edge on PvP is 0%.



  • Bitcoin Faucet
    If you want to test the website or doesn’t have enough money to play, you can use the faucet to get a small amount of bitcoins.



  • Stats
    The stats tab gives a much detailed information about your playing style, your “Luck”. It also gives a staic link to stats page which you can share with your friends.
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  • Instant deposit and withdrawals.
    Deposits are credited with just one confirmations and withdrawals are processed within maximum 3 hours.



  • Automated Betting
    People who bet continously for long hours get a edge over other sites here. Just set the parameters and it will bet continously till the condition you gave is satisfied.



  • Bonus Offer
    The top betters are rewarded every day. The reward is directly sent to their address which can be used without any hidden conditions.



  • Provably Fair
    The website gives you the server seed after bet and a checking tool to be sure that bet were not manipulated. That’s why it the best gambling website in the bitcoin world.


The website has been there for a long time and can be trusted. It has a great social connect on all social platforms. After reading this you will probably go directly to PrimeDice. Happy Gambling.

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  1. primedice is alway the best,because always have fast and provably fair dice,and also give us many giveaway,nothing like primedice!

  2. The best dice bett,it provides a good fair and also chances to win are very high,strongly reccomended!!

  3. Primedice is the best of best gambling site for dice and i love their Instant deposit and withdrawals really faster than other site one

  4. Good site, this site promotes, the primedice is probably the most known bitcoin gambling site and is played by thousands of BTC gamblers online. I can rate this 5/5 and the person who is promoting primedice with this site is awesome because it even allows the actual primedice to load much faster.

  5. Yeah, PD IS site big gambling is very legit and PD always give for all player profesional .

  6. you mentioned 2 things about this site that are wrong, im not sure where your getting your information from ? 1st . They haven’t had PvP in over a year….. 2nd Bonus Offers…………..I’m a VIP member of PD and ive never received a bonus sent directly to my acct for any reason.

  7. This is a good site to play. Primedice is the best as ever. Very fast and have high chance of winning. Always give a fair play to all online gamblers.

  8. This is a great chance to play, primedice is alway the best,because always have fast and provably fair dice,and also give us many giveaway,nothing like primedice!

  9. This is gambling site is my best dice site ever, nice looks and even fair to all and there are sk many give aways in PD

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