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When you think about betting in this bitcoin world you mainly bet against some brainless computers which hash the nonce to get secret bla, bla . But on you can bet against real anonymous users. No, no you dont have to go to fishing. Here are two fishes, Red and Green , the fish which is liked by most users win the game.

The Game
As said earlier, there are two fishes Red and Grenn having their own BTC address. You should send the bitcoins to the fish you think will grow bigger by the end of the round. The more BTC it recieve the bigger it grows. The minimum bet is 0.0001 BTC. You can send the bet as many times as you like in the round. No registration is required, you are identified by your bitcoin addreess. Shared wallets are generally not recommended.

Round and Fees
The game consists of rounds, Each round runs for 6 hours, starting everyday at 6 AM, 12 PM, 6 PM and 12 PM UTC. To cope with deposits flooding at last time, a variable fee structure is used. The fee is 0% at the start of the round and goes upto 50% till the end.

To promote the website, a jackpot is funded by the company in each round , currently 0.002 BTC. When round ends, the big fish (one with large amount of bitcoins) eats the small fish (having lower amount of bitcoins). Total bitcoin recieved by both fish and jackpot are mixed and paid to the users investing in the big fish according to ratio they invested.

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Tips and Tricks
I personally love this game and want to share some tips and tricks with you.

  • You can invest in both the fish at the same time. Simply saying, now you think if the fish you invested is going to loose you can invest a larger amount in second fish.
  • The fees increases along with time so don’t wait for last time to see who is going to win.
  • The best time to invest from my personal experience is when the fee is in the range 20% ~ 25%. Earlier it’s hard to predict the outcome and later it’s too late.
  • Always use a wallet that have full access to the address and is connected to well nodes. Don’t use shared wallets like Xapo, Coinbase etc. is OK.
  • Always pay a Good amount of transaction fee so the bet is recieved before the round ends. The bets recieved after the round are returned.

I personally use this website and have found no way that can lead to money theft. Go directly to Happy betting till next post.

5 thoughts on “Bet against real people on”

  1. Nice to try the trick.
    I know this game long time ago, but I will try it and try to play a game.

  2. Nice game and concept! Invested 0.01 to the red fish. Looks good as of now. Hoping to win

  3. I don’t really like this game. I always bloody lose. Is fun though. Remember to make a final check before leaving.

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