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The altcoin community has grown vast, now people want to gamble in altcoins also. But most of the gambling sites sccept bitcoin only. Crypto-games is one of the top gambling sites that aceepts 8 different types of altcoins: Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Peercoin, GameCredit, Dash, Gridcoin and PlayMoney. Play Money is used to test the game. The foundation was laid in 2014 with a slot game and Dogecoin as the only accepted coin. From then it has continously evolved and adapted the users demand.

The website provides 4 games with a jackpot. The games are

  • Dice
    The objective of the game is to roll the dice according to the number you choose. The payout ranges ftom 2x to 9920x.
  • Slot
    In this game you have to spin the handle to get patterns. If the pattern is 77,777 or 7,777 and your roll no. ends in 77 you win a jackpot.
  • Blackjack
    The famous card game in which you have to beat the dealer and other player by getting 21 (blackjack) or highest than others.
  • Lottery
    Buy lottery tickets and win huge if your ticket number is lucky.

Design and Performance
The website has simple single page tabbed view design backed with SSL security. All the options are available in a single page. the game is on the right and recent bets, jackpots nad stats on the left. It also gives the option to choose 6 different themes. The games is based on HTML5 and CSS3 so you can run the game even in mobile browser withouit any lag. During my test, the website had not even a single second lag. At the bottom of the page you see a chat box to communicate and get tip from other users. They also provide a good YouTube tutorial to start with gambling.

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The website is provably fair, you can check it’s integrity by clicking on the bet ID. There is a guide and tool on how to check it. And we have not heard any complaints about this website from a long time. The company also provide it’s cold wallet Address of each coin. The website has been given A rating by trusted member of bitcoitalk. If you don’t like gambling, you can invest in the company and get paid on the profits earned.

Account, Deposit and Withdrawal
You doesn’t have to regsiter on the website. Everything is done via cookies and secret no. that gets attached to your browser, but registration is strongly recommended to improve security of your account. Deposit are instant, credited after 1 confirmations and withdrawals are instant once all deposits reach 2 confirmations. The minimum deposit and withdrawal amount is 0.0001 BTC. The withdrawal fees is paid by the website.

Promotions and Refferals
There is a progressive jackpot, which means the jackpot amount increases as more player play.
The website gives 25% refferal commision, whether the user won or not, which is very high among the industry. The regularly organise givewawy campaigns. Currently they are giving 5000 satoshi and Dogecoin lottery ticket for free.

Support and Social
The support is available 24×7 and can be contacted via live chat, email ( and social networks and is very fast. The website can be found on:

Go directly to Crypto-games

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  1. It is amazing casino , I have tried it and the best thing that you can play with other cryptocurrency like Ether and Dash . I made good profit there

  2. i must say that it was a good website worth to share even I’m not into gambling but it seem promising to my view.

  3. I’m happy to tell that exist such a great site with multiple betting choises,and also with a lot of cryptocurrencys!

  4. This site is new but they have a reputation and do they job professionally.
    This is nice site for betting with altcoin.

  5. is a very kind gambling site for me, why? because this site accepting not only bitcoin, dogecoin & litecoin but another 5 altc-oins too.. then this site often making contest, giving away satoshi daily and spread some free lottery tickets periodically

  6. I honestly say that I’m not into gambling but this gives me so much fun especially the blackjack. Haha
    It is worth trying and worth sharing.

  7. Minesweeper is the most fun and interesting game for me. Having 8 currencies helpsma great deal as well.

  8. Very good site, for providing other digital currency options! I’ll try with my coins!

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