AnoniBet sportsbook review

Anonibet has the distinction of operating for much longer compared to the current crop of online Bitcoin sportsbooks. BTC technology was first invented in 2009, and Anonibet came online in 2011. They accept players from anywhere in the world and also have an online casino in addition to their sportsbook.

Since their inception, Bitcoin’s first online bookmaker has been held in high regard by the online betting fraternity. Longevity is especially important in the Bitcoin gambling realm (many scam sites pop up and disappear with funds), and Anonibet has been around for almost four years. They have generally positive reviews from bettors and have paid consistently.


Anonibet requires an email address, so full anonymity isn’t available at the bookmaker. However, this is a requirement of many other BTC based bookmakers and is useful should you ever need to retrieve your account details or reset your password.

Other than that, Anonibet acts as a true bitcoin sportsbook. There are no hoops to jump through when cashing out, no documents to send in nor do you need to scan personal IDs.


Anonibet’s interface is one of the better ones in the Bitcoin sports betting market. It’s clean, straightforward and also has plenty of advanced options.

Bettors can choose their odds type (American, Decimal, and Fractional) along with their time zone. The markets are listed on the left side and the betting ticket on the right. Adding selections and stringing bets together for parlays is painless.

Bettors can also do an advanced search for each sport by a number of factors, such as odds type, start time and by markets, such as full game, halftime or quarter lines. Viewing your full bet history, open bets, and settled wagers is all customizable through certain dates as well.

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Overall, the backend and betting interface is among the best I have seen in the Bitcoin betting industry.


Unlike other Bitcoin sportsbooks, Anonibet does not offer an initial deposit bonus. However, they do offer a VIP program where players can earn back a percentage of their losses. Players have a chance to get up to 10% of their losses back per calendar month. Members who wager 50 times a month (at 0.01 BTC or above) on multiple bets, known as parlays in the US and accumulators in European markets will earn 5% of their losses back. Those who bet 100 multiples will earn a 10% reprieve on their losses.

While this promotion is a nice offer for bettors, it does force them to wager hundreds of dollars (more than $500 USD to reach 10% losses back) on parlays to reach this level. As of late 2014, the minimum amount that must be wagered is 0.01 BTC, which is worth about $5.50 USD. If players qualify for the discount bonus, their discounted funds will be automatically be deposited into their account with no rollover.


Betting limits vary widely depending on the market. The lowest wager that Anonibet accepts is 0.001 BTC, and the highest wager is around 2.0 BTC. They don’t have set betting limits for their markets as whole, because there can be some stark differences depending on the sport. The more betting action a market receives, the higher the betting limit. Sports like the EPL or NFL will have bet limits close to 2.0 BTC, while smaller market sports may only have a 0.5 BTC limit or possibly even lower. These wagering limits are right around the industry standard for most bitcoin sportsbooks if not slightly lower. This is a good sign that the sportsbook is doing well without taking on too much risk.

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Anonibet is a reliable option for Bitcoin sports bettors, but isn’t exactly pushing the envelope in terms of features and odds. They’re a safe bet if you want to be sure that you are paid your winnings, but better odds can usually be found elsewhere. With that said, I can see why players are drawn to Anonibet. It has a top notch reputation with players, is easy to use and has never missed out on a payout to players. Overall, while they may not be as good as shops with big bonuses such as Cloudbet, they are undoubtedly a well rounded and safe to use site.

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