AddoCrypto Competition to win a LEDGER HW1 Wallet

We at AddoCrypto are hosting a competition to win a LEDGER HW.1 hardware wallet to one lucky winner. We have been promoting securing your Bitcoins with hardware wallets, and to further promote this we are going to be launching a competition to win one. This competition is open to both Bitcoin and Litecoin users.

The LEDGER HW.1 carries out transaction signing within the device, and as such is secure from malware, and once set up can even be used on a compromised machine safely (it must be set up on a secure machine and the backup seed stored safely).

The competition will accept a maximum of 100 entries. Each user can enter more than once, up to a maximum of 5 times. The competition costs 0.001 BTC or 0.22 LTC to enter. As this is our first competition, the address for entry is escrowed by PsychoticBoy of BitcoinTalk, which is the following address:

To enter, simply send 0.001 BTC to this address, and submit your details including TXID in the competition form at this link:

    Submit a separate form for each entry if you enter multiple times. The more entries you have, the greater your chance of winning!

    Your details will be added to a document and given a random number. The competition will be open for a week, when we choose the winner we will enter the number range Between 1 and X; X being how many entries to the competition there were into the true random number generator. This will be documented and then the winner will be announced on AddoCrypto and in the BitCoinTalk thread, and we will also E-Mail the winner. At this point, we will request a signed message from the wallet address they used to send the funds, and ask them to include their delivery address into this message, we will then send the prize, a Ledger HW.1 wallet to the winner! Do not send funds from am exchange wallet, unless you can sign a message from that wallet.

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    The cost to enter the competition are as follows:

    BTC: 0.001 BTC


    LTC: 0.22

    We accept Both Litecoin and Bitcoin. Note that the escrow only applies to Bitcoin payments.

    The addresses we will use for the competition are as follows:

    Escrow Address for This Competition:  1PsyPwgcVaYHtQeyfGUpWzz26oicGJiCv5 <Only use for this competition>

    Our Bitcoin Competition address for future competitions: 34MtKtszFza4RiQgnKfvfs5VAE1L52K5n1

    Our Litecoin Competition Address: LS7otwuzcbCaMgQmbJ4iJj4n5UCvSQrDKC

    The above two competition addresses are the ONLY ADDRESSES WE WILL EVER ASK YOU TO SEND FUNDS DURING ANY OF OUR COMPETITIONS! Unless we give a signed message from any of these addresses, DO NOT SEND YOUR COINS TO ANY OTHER ADDRESS for any of our competitions, as it could be an imposter and we cannot recover your funds if you do.

    We wish you all the best of luck in our competition! For the latest Cryptocurrency news or for more information, visit There are no extra costs for shipping or anything else, the entry price is the price of your hardware wallet including shipping if you win!

    As this is our first competition we are utilizing the Escrow services of PsychoticBoy on BitcoinTalk for Bitcoin Payments to show our intentions to deliver and build trust among our users for future competitions.

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