Many people wonder if there are anonymous ways of buying or exchanging bitcoins. That’s because every bitcoin transaction is publicly exposed in the bitcoin blockchain since you have to give your identity verification in many crypto exchange platforms. That makes a cryptocurrency transaction traceable back to you since blockchain data is available to everyone. Whether you want to invest in bitcoins without the knowledge of anyone or want to amass a significant amount of bitcoins for future gains, you have every right to trade or buy them without anyone’s knowledge.

Fortunately, there are different ways to make an anonymous crypto exchange, but you have to sacrifice the convenience. In most cases, if you wish to buy or sell bitcoins without disclosing your real identity, you have to be willing to go all the way in sacrificing the convenience of making the exchange. You can buy bitcoins anonymously by finding a seller to sell you the bitcoins in cash or using a bitcoin ATM near your location.

Find a reputable bitcoin trader selling bitcoin for cash near you, meet them, and do the business with them. It is not easy to get a genuine seller, but you can do business with them for quite a while once you find one. But first, you have to win their trust and vice versa before performing a significant amount of transactions. Once you meet the seller in person for the first time, do a small transaction and then grow as the trust develops. If you can’t find a bitcoin seller, here is another option.

You can make an anonymous bitcoin purchase by heading to a bitcoin ATM near your physical location. Here you will buy the bitcoins using cash, and when the ATM asks for identification, you can specify that you do not have one. Expect to incur transaction charges of the exchange, and also, there can be a limit to the number of bitcoins you can buy. It is probably the easiest way to purchase bitcoins anonymously, but not many people can access a bitcoin ATM near their locations. However, you can use this next method.

Buy bitcoin without verification. 

Another way to buy bitcoins anonymously without physical contact is by purchasing them on online platforms such as without providing identification and at a fixed exchange rate. Your identity will only be disclosed to the seller, but you can still use a pseudo-identity if you want to be discreet conclusively.

How to use bitcoin anonymously? 

To mitigate the risks of crypto wallet hacks, you may want to spend your bitcoins anonymously. You can do that through different ways such as:

> Avoid reusing bitcoin wallet addresses and generate a new address every time you transact.

> Re-examine your browser security features and improve them.

> Avoid using hosted wallets since there is a third party who can access your information.

> Manage your passwords.