15 hen party ideas for the stylish 40-something bride

If the thought of a traditional hen do strikes fear into your heart then you’re not alone.

L plates, cheap veils, jelly shots and naughty pasta shapes are becoming less and less fashionable and the only question is, why did it take so long?

Stylish brides with stylish friends will want something more edifying than drunken arguments, a sticky floored nightclub and a pole dancing lesson and luckily there are plenty of chic ways to celebrate your last days as a single woman. None of which include penis-shaped straws. 

Read on and be inspired. 

1. Listen to a bedtime story at 40 Winks hotel

Storytelling, cocktails and pyjamas? Yes please

Storytelling, cocktails and pyjamas? Yes please

40 Winks Hotel/40 Winks Hotel

This immersive event is a must for hens who want to indulge in some grown-up seduction. The tiny 40 Winks hotel…