Crypto Exchange Cobinhood Launch Fiat Trading with US Dollar

Crypto exchange Cobinhood has announced today it is supporting fiat trading starting with the U.S. dollar from July 20. The exchange, known for its zero-fee trading, is endorsed by U.S. football player Richard Sherman.Cobinhood to Start Fiat TradingCobinhood has begun a move into crypto to fiat trading, following regulatory approval. Trading pairs will start operating against the U.S. dollar from later this month. They are also working with Epay, an online payment platform, to allow users to make fiat purchases within a user-friendly interface.Founder and CEO Popo Chen said: “In several instances, the market is not reflecting tremendous progress being made at cryptocurrencies worldwide. Traders know there are opportunities abound for value, so it’s a very synergistic time to debut fiat trading on the Cobinhood platform.”In a statement, Cobinhood referenced polls that show the majority of those in the crypto markets expect prices to rise in 2019 after a period of consolidation. The eToro U.K. managing director Iqbal Gandham told NewsBTC in a recent interview that this price correction has been a “blessing in disguise.”